Mining Division

Light Flame Minerals, the mining embodiment of Light Flame Investments, actively participates in the exploration of metals, unearthing the hidden treasures within the earth. Light Flame Investments, embarks on a transformative journey, exploring the depths to extract precious minerals. With astute expertise and abundant resources, we unveil lucrative prospects, all while upholding the principles of responsible mining. Our commitment resonates through sustainable development, enriching the regions we touch, and shaping a prosperous future

– Igniting the Future of Mineral Exploration

Aviation Division

Royal Prestige Aviation (RPA), the visionary aviation division of Light Flame Investments recognizes the immense potential of the aviation industry and is involved in various aviation-related ventures. With cutting-edge technological advancements and a fresh perspective on aviation culture, RPA propels the growth of Zimbabwe’s economy and its surrounding regions. From aircraft sales to aviation consulting, jet charter to fixed-based operations and helicopter operations. RPA offers comprehensive aviation solutions tailored to diverse needs, redefining the aviation landscape with a touch of prestige.

– Experience Prestige, Beyond Expectation –

Agriculture Division

Radiance Valley Farms, the agriculture division of Light Flame Investments, engages in modern techniques and sustainable practices, we embark on a journey to transform farming into an art of abundance. With unwavering dedication, we strive for efficient production and maximize yields, recognizing the pivotal role agriculture plays in ensuring food security and driving economic growth. At Radiance Valley Farms, we sow the seeds of positive change, cultivating a brighter future for the agricultural sector.

– Cultivating Abundance for a Sustainable Tomorrow –

Drone Technology Division

Light Flame Drone Security, where the limitless potential of drones takes flight. Our division serves as a beacon of innovation, harnessing the agility and remarkable effectiveness of drones across dynamic industries. From energy and mining to private security and households, we redefine security measures and safeguard precious assets and individuals. Our commitment to empowering security knows no bounds as we unlock the true potential of drone technology.

– Unleashing the Power of Drones for Enhanced Security –

Wildlife Conservation and Hunting Division

Tsimba Wilderness is Light Flame Investments’ wildlife conservation and hunting company which is dedicated to preserving nature’s legacy. With a focus on game breeding and acquiring hunting concessions, Tsimba Wilderness provides unforgettable experiences for local and overseas hunters while safeguarding Zimbabwe’s animal heritage.

– Preserving Nature’s Legacy

Advanced Drone Development Division

Apus Drone Technologies, an advanced drone development company, enhances endurance and multi-functional capabilities of drones. Collaborating with border security agencies and search and rescue facilities, Apus Drone Technologies offers advanced drone solutions. As a self-sufficient drone manufacturer, the division contributes to addressing drone threats and national defense.

– Innovating Drones for a Safer Future –

Property Development Division

Flame Properties, the property development division of Light Flame Investments, invests in property development projects. With a focus on creating sustainable and innovative spaces, Flame Properties contributes to the growth and transformation of communities.

– Building Futures, Transforming Spaces –


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Mining Operations

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Mining Operations


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